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Group Travel Planning (Best) Tips

When planning a group vacation, it can sometimes be daunting trying to get down every little thing that you might need to plan for. As well, it’s difficult to make everything fall into place during the best of times. When it’s you and a couple of friends, or even you and a competent adult that knows what they’re doing, things come up that you don’t expect that complicate things.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a handy checklist of stuff you need to take care of, a guide to help you wade through the miasma of things that might go wrong with your trip?

It would be. Too bad you don’t. Luckily, you have this.

1. Go with Your Friends

This might be a little self-evident, but so many people don’t account for this. When you plan a trip, you’re committing to being squashed into a small tin can for hours on end, and then squashed into a tent, a trailer, a hotel room, or something similar for several days.

Pick travel companions that you get along with. If you don’t, you can expect long arguments, lost feelings, lots of stress, and even more aspirin downed.

They don’t help. They never help. I’m so sorry.

2. Communicate

And I don’t mean late-night meetings over the phone or on Skype, after which you don’t remember 80% of what you talked about.

I mean, get together during the day OR just create a Facebook group and physically write down everything you decide upon. Communicate everything with all the members of your travel group before doing anything so that you know that nobody has any objections; the date of the journey, the destination you’re visiting, and everything in between. Ask a lot of in-depth questions to arrive at decisions that everyone is comfortable with, and then write them down in a Facebook post or on a piece of paper so that anybody else who joins can get caught up.

Also, if somebody doubles back later and says they didn’t agree with something, you all got receipts.

3. Find a Leader

One person should be designated a leader of the trip. Not only will it make everything much more organized, but it will also provide individuals with a person that has the authority to make decisions and resolve disputes.

The leader will also have the power to delegate. One person cannot do everything when it comes to planning a trip, so everyone involved must be prepared to take instruction from this one person.

As well, this will give you one person that collects all the information and keeps it in one place. That way, if you have a question, you know who to ask.

Carpe Diem!

These three things are all the things you need to keep everything as quick, easy, and streamlined as they can be. Always travel with people you won’t mind being in a small space for prolonged periods of time. Always communicate the details of every decision with the members of your group. Write them down when they happen so you have receipts and designate one person as the leader of your group to keep track of everything and resolve disputes.

With these three tips, you too can have a stress-free vacation!

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